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Meet Tim | IT Consultant / Software Architect
Meet Tim | IT Consultant / Software Architect
“Driving that transformation is the incentive you have in a role like mine, and I enjoy doing that immensely.”

Hi Tim, nice to meet you! Can you introduce yourself?
Hi, my name is Tim Maleska and I’ve been working at diconium for two and a half years. I started as a Backend Developer and moved into the IT Consultant role a year later — this switch was planned from the beginning. The short excursion into backend was meant for me to get to know current techniques and approaches of diconium.

That means you initially applied as an IT Consultant?
Exactly. I was hired as an ITC, but since I had previously been self-employed and had only experienced agile team structures when dealing with customers, my boss suggested that I first take a look at what we were doing in practice. Everything about designing APIs, microservices in the cloud, CI/CD and agile frameworks like SAFe, I had only heard about in theory, so it was a good idea to get practical experience first. However, the switch to the ITC role after just under a year was the right step in my development.

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What we do? We create digital champions!
To achieve this, we build on three pillars that drive us forward and make each member of our team even stronger.

We're the game-changers of digital transformation, supporting trailblazers of the most important industries in mastering digitalization and making consumer behavior more sustainable.

We are independent in the way we think and act: We work on a global scale for market leaders and hidden champions, supported by the power of our parent company Volkswagen.

Our employees are our greatest asset. Together we master technological challenges from various angles. With state-of-the-art tools and a corporate culture that strengthens our team spirit as much as our individual development.

Our credo: one for all, all for one! In diverse, interdisciplinary teams with over 2,000 connected colleagues we work together in many ways from remotely to onsite in one of our worldwide offices in Europe, North America and Asia.

But then again, are locations that important? Creativity knows no limits anyways. So we don't set any. Instead, we develop the environment in which you can create – in line with our core values courage, mindfulness, collaboration and impact. In other words: We want to be courageous, show mutual respect, work together as a team and achieve something great.

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Born digital

Benefit from our many years of experience and our agile up-to-date culture.


We rely on flat hierarchies and are respectful, loyal and appreciative.


Decide for yourself where and when you work: across locations in the Digital Workspace, part-time, completely flexible, taking a sabbatical – no problem with us.


We offer very different and individually tailored career models and a steep learning curve.


In addition to retirement provisions, employee discounts and a wide range of sports activities, we offer great company outings and legendary parties.

Our Onboarding

Your hardware will be send out to you approximately one week before the start, right to your home address.

You'll be part of a 3-day virtual onboarding event on an international level.

Meet your new colleagues in person at get-together events at the respective locations. The dress code is 'Be yourself.'

Your onboarding buddy will accompany you personally and professionally during your first weeks.