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Automotive Cyber Security

Our Impact

The embitel cyber security team is redefining the future of ECU cyber-security at CARIAD.

We bring all stages of the security-relevant software development life cycle under one roof. From secure design and architecture, project management responsibility, software development, integration and pentesting through to incident response once the vehicles are in the field: we are involved at every stage.

Drawing on an intimate understanding provided by our direct involvement in project management in the vehicle software projects, we are uniquely positioned to provide tailored, platform-based solutions for security software, testing and pentesting in a way that was previously not possible.

By fusing together all disciplines within the security domain we are able to work smarter.

For example, our pentesters are able to provide direct input to the automated security testing to ensure that all security-relevant aspects of the system are tested and that vulnerability regressions do not occur. Our test rack builders work closely with the testers and pentesters to ensure that our hardware test platform is the ultimate solution for functional security testing, automated testing and penetration testing as well as for use in incident response investigations and issue reproduction.

We are a new team with a clear vision for the future of ECU security derived from years of experience delivering security solutions in the automotive industry.

Join us in providing high-quality solutions to automotive clients and partners

Mobility is on the verge of a revolution – and we deliver the most appropriate software and safety solutions. The goal is to fundamentally rethink the interaction between software and hardware in cars and pave the way for our clients to become software-driven automotive companies.

diconium auto works for and with leading mobility companies like CARIAD, Volkswagen, Audi, and Porsche. Together with CARIAD, we are developing VW.OS and the Volkswagen Automotive Cloud, a uniform software platform for all passenger car brands of Volkswagen. Our cyber security experts and penetration testers provide the foundation to protect these systems in the best possible way.

We belong 100% to the diconium group and are therefore also a wholly owned subsidiary of CARIAD SE, the software unit of the Volkswagen group. As an independent unit, we can act quickly and help CARIAD, and the VW Group implement what is probably one of the most extensive digital projects in the German automotive industry.

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To achieve this, we build on three pillars that drive us forward and make each member of our team even stronger.

We're the game-changers of digital transformation, supporting trailblazers of the most important industries in mastering digitalization and making consumer behavior more sustainable.

We are independent in the way we think and act: We work on a global scale for market leaders and hidden champions, supported by the power of our parent company Volkswagen.

Our employees are our greatest asset. Together we master technological challenges from various angles. With state-of-the-art tools and a corporate culture that strengthens our team spirit as much as our individual development.

Our credo: one for all, all for one! In diverse, interdisciplinary teams with over 2,000 connected colleagues we work together in many ways from remotely to onsite in one of our worldwide offices in Europe, North America and Asia.

But then again, are locations that important? Creativity knows no limits anyways. So we don't set any. Instead, we develop the environment in which you can create – in line with our core values courage, mindfulness, collaboration and impact. In other words: We want to be courageous, show mutual respect, work together as a team and achieve something great.

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In addition to retirement provisions, employee discounts and a wide range of sports activities, we offer great company outings and legendary parties.

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