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Our Strategy Consulting Team

We are a rapidly growing, interdisciplinary, diverse and international team of consultants, strategy assistants, managers, experts, partners and business development experts who work on diconium's claim every day: #creatingdigitalchampions

Christian S. | Strategy Consultant                  - Focus: Mobility, Innovation, Recruiting
Christian S. | Strategy Consultant - Focus: Mobility, Innovation, Recruiting
since July 2021 at diconium strategy (d/s)

"Through flat hierarchies and a constant exchange with my peers and superiors, diconium gives me the opportunity to challenge and develop myself on a daily basis."

Lisa H. |  Strategy Consultant - Focus: Innovation, Consumer Goods, Mobility
Lisa H. | Strategy Consultant - Focus: Innovation, Consumer Goods, Mobility
since January 2019 at diconium strategy (d/s)

"Appreciates about her colleagues that they are always performing, not only in the workday, but also on the dance floor."

Christian R. | Strategy Consultant - Focus: Mobility, Agency model, Project management
Christian R. | Strategy Consultant - Focus: Mobility, Agency model, Project management
with diconium since March 2016 and with diconium strategy (d/s) since July 2021

"diconium offers a very inspiring environment where you can develop personally and professionally and where you meet great personalities."

Meet Pascal | Associate Strategy Consultant
Meet Pascal | Associate Strategy Consultant
“We also have many exciting internal tasks, where each of us shapes the future of diconium as a company a little bit, which is something I really enjoy!”

Hi Pascal, if we take a look at your CV, we see that mobility is a recurring theme. Can you tell us why?

Well, I’m from Stuttgart and with all the major car manufacturers around here and the consultancies that specialize in it, I’d say the topic is omnipresent.

What exactly do you do at diconium?

I joined diconium in the digital solutions department. Agile project management was one of my main tasks. I really liked it there and the team was great. At some point, I expressed the desire to take a look at a different area: the strategy department. An HR manager and my then-director helped me make this happen, then one thing quickly led to another and I landed permanently in the strategy department. I’m very thankful to have gotten this awesome opportunity to get a feel for another department without any administrative struggles at all.

Can you briefly describe your current tasks as an associate strategy consultant?

My main responsibility as associate strategy consultant is the project work. For example, right now I’m assigned to a project related to the development of an app related to electric vehicle charging.

Looking at our values: What are the ingredients for successful collaboration?

My favorite value is #collaboration. I really love the team at diconium, since everyone is highly intrinsically motivated to make an impact and really likes what they are doing.


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Meet Verena | Strategy Consultant
Meet Verena | Strategy Consultant
“In October 2021, I took my first workation. Two weeks in Portugal — first Lisbon, then Porto — together with my colleague Lena…”

Why Lisbon, actually?

Simple answer: it’s Lisbon. A city that has everything: beautiful streets and alleys, colorful houses…relaxed people and that positive attitude towards life. Oh yes, of course we also have an office there.”

What was the most important thing you learned during your time in Lisbon?

The biggest learning for me was how much I miss the physical meetings with my colleagues…Although I visited the Lisbon office, I did not meet my colleagues I’m directly working with. Therefore, every visit I made to our offices in Germany during this time showed me again how valuable these face to face interactions are — both on a human level and for the project progress.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s something about sitting in a café on the beach and working from there…That’s why I’m already very excited about where I’ll be going next…But in the end it is always nice to come back home.

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What we do...

Our work is basically divided into four different areas:

Customer projects

Here we work with our customers on exciting topics of digital transformation. We advise, coordinate and always create #impact.

Sector Groups

Here we deal with exciting developments and trends in various industries (e.g. mobility, consumer goods, banking).

Practice Groups

Here we deal with exciting developments and trends on various topics of digital transformation (e.g. innovation, transformation, strategy, e-commerce).


Of course, we are also always working on ourselves and our Guardrails so that we are always improving.

By the way - we deal with these issues in detail:

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diconium: Creating Digital Champions.
diconium: Creating Digital Champions.