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For over 25 years, we have been accompanying companies on this path as a partner with our entire expertise. End-to-end: from strategy, technology and data to organization and transformation. 

Our Salesforce Competence Center is a specialized unit within the company. All employees are located in one of our offices worldwide and are specialized experts focusing on different clouds.
This unit ensures the exchange of experience and knowledge gained in various projects. With this approach, the company is well equipped to respond to the needs and requirements of customers and offer the best possible solutions.

Our mission

For over 25 years, we have made it our mission to create digital champions. While at that time we focused on digital transactions, today we map the entire customer journey and provide all the services necessary to create and optimise the digital business capabilities of our clients. At the same time, we put the end customer at the centre to provide them with an optimal and personalised experience at all touchpoints.

Our mission
Who are we

Who are we

We are a community for Salesforce enthusiasts to create a mutually supportive and positive learning environment where everyone has the opportunity to develop project and industry specific skills that in turn drive the growth of the Salesforce practice at diconium.

How do we work?

The Salesforce Competence Centre is structured across the global diconium group and brings all experts together remotely or on-site to share experience and knowledge. This enables diconium to translate the needs and requirements of its customers into the best possible solutions.

How do we work?

Where do we focus on?

Salesforce offers a whole ecosystem of clouds on their platform. As a Salesforce Partner, diconium currently focuses on:

Experience Cloud

Marketing Cloud


Sales Cloud

Service Cloud

Our services we offer


Consulting Services – Our consulting team supports clients in redefining their businesses by realigning user experience, business processes, system topologies, and technologies to cater to the dynamic market needs. You, as a Salesforce Cloud expert, will understand business requirements, define creative solutions, and implement these solutions in the cloud. With us, you will get a chance to build expertise in various Salesforce portfolio products.

Development Services – Our Development team uses the power of Salesforce platform to customize business processes as per our client wishes. You will be crucial part of the project team and work in tandem with consultants and clients in defining, developing, testing, and deploying cloud solutions. You will also get an opportunity to put your Apex skills to use in building complex apps and integrating it with other third-party solutions.

Operational Services – Our operations team work for clients to improve design, management and execution of the Salesforce Platform. You will be responsible for business process improvements, customization, user training, database management, and technical support. You will form a very important part of the team.

Marketing Connect App:


If you use marketing cloud to manage email campaigns in Salesforce, you must perform set of actions to send an email to a lead or contact, when it comes to selecting random or specific contacts and send email quickly, it is difficult to achieve this without spending time on Data segmentation and Journey automation which of course requires proper test to avoid unnecessary email sends.


The AppExchange App we developed offers solutions to tackle this situation. Let’s say Sales and Marketing Manager wants to send a quick update about the deal in progress, which is near to close, He can simply select leads or contacts randomly in Sales cloud and there itself he would be able to select Email Templates created in Marketing Cloud and he can simply send email in few minutes. In the Salesforce CRM system (particularly in email marketing using Marketing Cloud), customer data is stored in Sales Cloud and to group target audience requires simple to complex SQL queries along with well-designed Journey Automation to send any marketing emails. With this AppExchange App, which provides Sales – Marketing cloud customer integration, you can simply Select target audience by selecting them from list view to send them important email communications using templates designed by Content editor or email designer in Marketing Cloud.